Saturday, November 27, 2010

Under Construction

Assalamualaikum :girl_9:

This blog is under construction..huhu.

Actually, I just knew that my blog is loading so slow. And of course, I would like to keep it fast as I hate to wait. I have visited this blog last few days. From one of the posts, there is 1 post discussed about the weight of the blog. That post comes also with tool to find out how fast your blog loading.

This is a result as I test for my blog...

I aimed to reduce my weight of this blog to 150KB or below. Now, I am searching for multi-functional blog widget to fulfil my aim. Actually, the advertisement from Nuffnang also one of the big contributor to the heaviness of webpage loading. But since I like to watch these ads in my blog, so I would never remove those ads..hehe.

Waiting for new appearance of this blog :girl_14: Excited..

p/s: Amacam saya speaking? Hahaha...bkn slalu...sorry for being 'skema'ing..